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Selection Comment - Pick #24

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Evan Stewart



The fans of America's Team have heard plenty of the term All In this offseason, but we may get the real picture of this front office's long-term plan between now and the draft. No, the Cowboys didn't do much in free agency. I get that it takes two to tango with extensions, and guys like Lamb and Parsons may be waiting to see what others get paid before next season starts. Still, if Dallas blows them away with an offer, I can't imagine them passing on it. At some point, I (and the rest of the fan base) would like to see some dominoes fall. Of course, the answer could be hinged on the head coaching position. Mike McCarthy has a sparkling record over the past three regular seasons (36-15), but just one playoff win in that time. If McCarthy is one the hot seat, Jerry and Company may be tabling all decisions.

With that in mind, predicting this pick is next to impossible with so much up in the air before the season even starts. At this point WR is certainly in the conversation. Although Lamb will most likely be re-signed, Brandin Cooks will be a free agent in 2025, and there's not much proven talent behind those two.

~Austin Smith, DraftTek Senior Analyst

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