2017 NFL Draft
Scouting Report
Prospect:  Dalvin Cook


School:           Florida State
Ht:  5'-11"       Wt:  206
Eligibility:      JR
Uniform:       #4
Position #1:       RB

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This could be the most complete back in a class potentially loaded with running back talent. After being a star his first two seasons in Tallahassee, Cook enters his junior year looking to cement a first-round grade. There may not be a running back in the country who can change the game like Cook. He is the definition of explosive. He has exceptional lateral ability and outstanding vision. He also has the straight-line speed to outrun most and gets from 0 to 60 as quickly as any back in the country.

What is more impressive about Cook are the intricate skills he has that not all college backs display. For starters, he has excellent balance for a player that is barely over 200 pounds. This kind of balance points to terrific core strength, as well as a player that is comfortable playing with a low center of gravity. He also has very good hands and displays the traits that could make him an excellent route-runner out of the backfield. He wastes minimal steps coming in and out of his breaks where he shows off his explosion. Still, what I like the most about him is his dedication to running north and south. Many backs at the college level have a tendency to head for the sideline when trying to gain extra yardage. They are capable of outrunning the competition at that level but in the NFL, that doesn't happen. LeSean McCoy is possibly the most explosive back in the league, and very seldom does he actually turn the corner on defenses after being shut down inside. Cook's approach is set on always trying to get north and south, and that is a hard ideal to get through the egos and into the heads of college running backs. With Cook, it is already ingrained.

On the other hand, there are some concerns that need to be addressed. First and foremost, Cook has had some run-ins with the law over his career. In one case, he was listed as an associate to someone who pulled a gun on a neighbor. A year later, he was charged but not found guilty of punching a woman outside a bar. While Cook was found to do no wrong in either case, it is a troubling pattern that scouts will want to get to the bottom of. Secondly, he has had some nagging injuries during his career. He has only missed one game due to them, but it is something that could cause concern among scouts. Pass protection isn't a strength of his. He tends to pick up the correct assignments, but his technique is something that will have to improve immensely. Finally, he has got to stop putting the ball on the ground. Seven career fumbles are not something that will attract teams willing to spend a top-10 pick on him. He can do a lot to help in that area by holding onto the ball as a junior.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

- Explosive, elusive athlete
- Sprinter speed and form
- North-South Runner
- Gifted receiver and route-runner
- Tougher and more physical than his size indicates

- Trouble has seemed to find him away from the field
- Fumbles too much, and in big moments
- Injury bug has nibbled
- Pass protection is the one aspect that keeps him from being every-down back

Austin Smith
July 10, 2016

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